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Chocks Off

This Product from Emo Cog Solutions Ltd is an ingenious offering to help the start-ups, businessmen to break the inertia and resume the successful pace they had once attained in their recent past.

The objectives:

  • To provide the entrepreneur, the start-up professionals, and successful businessman of the past to understand the challenges of the present, and rebuild the momentum by working on both the aspects of emotion and cognition for the balanced personality.
  • To equip these professionals with the right set of tools, in terms of planning, execution, understanding the mind’s pattern, and break the limiting pattern by forming the new habit of entrepreneurship
  • To provide the participants with the set of scientific tools to measure their effectiveness, in the week off scientifically proven devices, and assist them with modalities of neurofeedback, biofeedback training.
  • The objective of this project is to support the start-up companies, entrepreneurs, and struggling businessmen with a successful past to get ready and resume their success streak.

The project description:

Under this program, the participants are offered counseling, consultation on the potential success tools from the past, and certain number of counseling sessions for a period of three months to a year to get these professionals in momentum.

The rationale of the program

The success of a nation is dependent on the success of its start-ups and enerpreneurs. In recent years we have seen approximately 200 companies falling off the grid. These are  the professionals who have proven their mettle, successfully scaled up their business from four crores to up to 200 crores or more. This number speaks of the success at the starting level. When we include established businesses like Jet Airways and Starbucks, the number will go up further. Upon analysis and interaction with some of the C-level professionals heading these companies, we discovered that they lacked in one or more of the components like operational management, personal challenges, financial management, planning, and executive challenges and system failure.  Very marginal percentage of these successful entrepreneurs was of those who have had accidental success.

These are the professionals who have established their worth and have shown the merit of their project.  A guided training for these professionals in terms of the diagnosis of their limiting behaviour, the mental pattern or dealing with their fear along with training them with the right set of assertive training will help them execute the business strategy with confidence, Address the existing challenges, brace up and be ready to deal with the future challenges on the basis of informed decision and calculated risk-taking.


The USP of this program is that it is devised on scientifically proven improvement training which doesn’t work on the assumption. It gives the participants a glimpse of their existing habits, which could be limiting. With the use of diagnostic tools and devices of brain mapping like the Nexus series of the device along with certain tests like CNS Vital Signs, or Cantab the participants‘ negative behaviour or personality traits that could be constraining are identified. It offers a scientific background and forms the basis of meaningful intervention like assistive training and psychological counselling to be exit cute it to empower the participants to deal with their existing, perennial problems and get ready for the next flight.

The execution model

Out of the three-staged model, the counselling forms the first step. It is required to identify the overflowing or pressing challenges faced by the participants.

In the second step, the diagnosis is done with the help of online tests like CNS vital signs, or Cantab. Along with this, the test to identify problems at the physiological level or mental level is carried out by using the tools of biofeedback and neurofeedback.

In the third step, guided intervention is offered in terms of the training sessions. These training sessions constitute both the standard device assisted training as well as customized training to optimize the potential of the participants.


The duration of this program is from three months to a year. It varies on the requirement of the participants.

Mode of training

This product is part of the individual offering as the challenges of every businessman is different. However, there are a certain set of challenges that require group counseling. Except for these sessions like dealing with system best limitations and challenges, the rest of the sessions are individualistic and require one to one counseling. Except for the initial counseling of the first three sessions, the rest of the stations are planned according to the participants’ availability. After a process is discussed and the training models are explained, some of the sessions and also executed online over Skype.

The proposal to participate:

We invite the participants to talk about their challenges as it is of big importance, and we are willing to execute as a pilot project. Under this project, we are inviting participants from each of the segments from small enterprises, to medium and from different sectors to be part of this project.

We will offer the training for 8 to 10 such participants at a discounted price. We will register their progress, and on the basis of the outcome, we will execute this project at a macro level.

The benefit for the participants would be the discounted fee, which they will be paying. It will cover the basic cost of operation from the Emo Cog Solutions Private Limited. From the ECS team, it will serve as the success sampler Giving a deeper insight into the successful execution of the program and making it a win-win situation for both the trainer and the trainee.

On completing this program, the participants will be able:

  • To look at their success story from the balanced perspective of emotion and cognition
  • To employ the assertive approach and non-linear thinking in diagnosing the challenges of the present
  • To employ the tools of cognition in finding the practical and implementable solution to any of the challenging problems.
  • To plan and execute the actionable for the successful business on the basis of their understanding of mental faculties like analysis, interpretation, and possible exploration of business solutions.