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Level Two: Advanced Level Training

This is the advanced level of training into emotional and cognitive understanding, and the device uses. It gives the participants a fair idea of the device uses and the applicability. Apart from diagnosis and registering of the benefits, the participant will be able to train the program according to the special needs of the user. This training will also be enable the participant to take up the independent training sessions of their customers and clients. It also gives them the confidence to deal with the problems in the family with the device intervention.

The objectives of this program are:

  • To understand the device functionality and use it to the advantage
  • To use the device for diagnosis purpose
  • To plan the training sessions according to the requirement related to relaxation or any other requirement of the family members, friends or prospective clients
  • To analyze the impact of the Diagnosis and intervention in a scientific manner


It is a three days session conducted in the place chosen by the Emo Cog Solutions team. In one session, approximately 5 to 10 participants can be trained. This training is conducted in selected places. It is a residential training wherein the prospective participants stay at the Centre and attend the workshop.



After completing this training, the participants will be able to use the device for brain training and mapping purposes. They will also be able to diagnose the limiting behavior on the basis of the findings. They will be able to correlate the findings with the prospective client or subjects and offer a corrective program accordingly. They will also become eligible for the third level of the training wherein they will be able to train future trainers into these modalities