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Brain Cafe For Sportspersons

The objective

  • To train the potential sportspersons to relax the nerves and optimize their training
  • To diagnose the aptitude and help the participants to focus on developing the skill sets
  • To discover the inherent capacity and build on it with the intervention of neurofeedback and biofeedback devices.

Brain Cafe for sportspersons is the model designed to identify the challenges faced by the sportsperson. After diagnosing one’s aptitude, it scans the participant’s brain and physiology and helps them discover the strength and potential skill sets in a given area. If anything is missing, the corrective sessions and counseling are provided to ensure that the participant is ready to address those shortcomings and excel in the chosen sports.

The Training Method

In the training and diagnosis, we use both the Nexus series of the device, David Paul series of device for biofeedback and training, and Respirate for Heart Rate Variability training. The session plan is discussed with the participant and the coach. The corrective and improvement course is determined after studying the set of information received from the requirement analysis form filled up by the students and the coach.

The outcome of this program

  • This program helps the sportsperson to optimize their performance on the field
  • The program also helps in attaining better efficiency and concentration in the desired field.
  There have been 60% improvement in the performance of the Sportspersons. Though in many cases the deliverable is more than 90% however in terms of the overall outcome we see a variation of 20 to 30% owing to the implementation of physiology which varies from person to person.