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Brain Training Programs for schools

The objectives of this program are:

  • To enable the students to focus on their studies and get maximum out of their learning
  • To help the students to manage their distractions well and address their insecurities effectively
  • To empower the students to address their anxiety and stress related to performance at academics

About the training program

Brain Cafe for students is an intuitive Brain training model designed using the scientific tools for brain-mapping and training. We use both the biofeedback and neurofeedback devices to diagnose their learning competence, the relaxation state of mind, and analysis of the brain’s responses. A certain number of sessions for the students of a similar age group is planned in consultation with the teachers and the parents. There is a pre and post-session diagnosis that certifies the impact of training given to the students.

In terms of Improvement, there have been on an average 70 to 80% improvement after 10 sessions observed in the students.

The Training Method

In the first session, which includes the consultation with the teacher, along with the assessment of the forms filled up by the teacher and the parents the diagnostic session is planned for the student. In the first session, the brain training sessions are commenced. We use different devices for offering different sets of training which are of 30 to 45 minutes of the session.

It offers brain and nerve relaxation and breathing correction. At the end of the entire session, the students’ performance is monitored.


The duration of this program is from two months to a year depending on the requirement. For academic retention improvement the sessions are of two months duration which in cases where special attention is required, the program may be extended after consultation with the parents and the teachers

The outcome

For a similar age group, we have not witnessed 60% to 80% improvement in the academic performance of the participating students. And the percentage of improvement has been consistent across all the age groups.