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Brain Cafe For Individuals

The objective

  • To train the homemakers, youths, and elderly people to relax the nerves and improve their day-to-day endeavor 
  • To diagnose the participants for any degenerative brain activity and offer corrective training to optimize their emotional and cognitive set of skills.

This model devised as ‘Best you’ lets an individual live to his or her optimum potential.  After diagnosing the participant’s body and brain harmony with the help of neurofeedback and biofeedback devices it offers a corrective training.


This model is suitable for those who wish to gain greater control over situations in their lives. It is also recommended for those who wish to seek intervention on behavioural training, addiction treatment, degenerative health issues etc.

Duration and Session plans

This model requires pre-assessment, and post-assessment sessions other than the device assisted training and consultation. There is a minimum of 30 sessions suggested experiencing improvement. 

The Training Method

In the training and diagnosis, we use both the Nexus series of the device, David Pal series of device for biofeedback and training, and Respirate for Heart Rate Variability training. The session plan is discussed with the participant and the coach. The corrective and improvement course is determined after studying the set of information received from the requirement analysis form filled up by the students and the coach.

The outcome of this program

  • This program helps the participants to exercise greater control over challenging situations. 
  • The participants are able to deal with toxic relationships effectively and make an informed choice in a taxing situation. 

There have been 60% improvement in the responses of the participants. For those who have consistently participated for a year, we have noticed remarkable improvement in their lives.